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Is Google Pixel better than iPhone 7

Google has directly manufactured their first smartphone, aimed to compete with the iPhone. The Google Pixel launched with much hype, and the company claims it to be the best android smartphone ever produced. Would that mean that it beats the newly launched iPhone 7?

Even though the company has stopped building Nexus phones, the device is a more likely to be a smarter brother of nexus, with high-end specs, optimized hardware, and not to exclude – the device is expensive. But it’s not really a problem, as Google is this time into durability and the performance of the smartphone, rather than making it cheap.

iphone 7 vs google pixel

Is Google Pixel better than iPhone 7

  • Google Pixel is not waterproof while iPhone 7 is waterproof.iPhone 7 is a lot smaller and lighter than Google Pixel.
  • Google Pixel has a headphone jack which is strategically missing in the iPhone 7.
  • Google Pixel has the USB Type-C port.
  • Both the devices are well built.
  • The sharpness of the display is better for Google Pixel.
  • iPhone 7 has the 3D touch feature which enhances usability.
  • Pixel’s display is crisp and sharp with AMOLED, while iPhone 7 uses LCD.
  • iPhone 7 has a more open aperture than Google Pixel, hence it performs better in low light situations.
  • Pixel’s front camera is 8 MP, while iPhone 7 is 7 MP – but the aperture is better for the iPhone 7.
  • Google Pixel has more RAM of 4 GB.
  • iPhone is available with a storage of 256 GB (Pixel is limited to a maximum storage of 128 GB).
  • Pixel has a bigger capacity battery of 2770mAh compared to iPhone’s 1960 mah battery.
  • Pixel supports VR.
  • Pixel has a 24/7 support.
  • Quick charging is available in Pixel, which can give you 7 hours of battery life in 15 minutes of charging.
    Here are five things that I really don’t like about the Google Pixel.
  • If you’re spending around 50,000 rupees for a smartphone, you should be expecting that the smartphone to be a waterproof one. But sadly, Google Pixel is not waterproof.
  • Unlike Nexus 6P, the speaker of Google Pixel is located at the top right bottom, and every time when I play games or videos, its speaker got covered accidentally. And when it gets covered with the finger, you almost couldn’t be able to hear anything from the speaker. It could have been placed in a better position.
  • Why Google Pixel comes with a glass on the back, which can get scratched easily if you don’t use a back cover. I personally don’t like using back covers, and this would be a bummer for me if I’m to buy Google Pixel. It’s worth noting that the glass is not as the same as in the front glass, i.e. Gorilla glass.
  • Other features that could be included in the Google Pixel are dual speakers and wireless charging ability. So, the above issues or disadvantages can or cannot be seen in the iPhone 7, it’s just a list of things that could be fixed in the Google Pixel. That said, it’s the best android phone that you could get in the market today.

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